Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I confirm that my views are not fake?

We try to be completely honest and almost as high as 99% of views we will provide will be approved and genuine. We are strictly against the bots and black practices. We ensure that which so ever client's link comes our way we forward it to the right people and get views that will literally affect the view count and ranking in the YouTube channel as views constitute a special part in the search. Real views are ensured from our side and we also take care that you are neither blocked nor look suspicious.

2. Do I need High Quality video before purchasing views?

Absolutely No. It just needs a captivating content, image, dance, song, sound or anything that can help the viewers to get addicted and bounded to the video. If you can make a high quality video then you are most welcome, otherwise it is okay even if it is not in HD and of normal quality.

3. Some viewers are posting mean comments on my video, is this Okay? How to prevent it?

Since you have bought real views from us, and the comments that are coming your way are solely the mindset of the viewer himself. It might be possible the viewer didn't liked your video or he might be commenting by himself and not the bought one. Since, we do not take the password of your account and that's why we can do nothing about it. You can delete and regulate the comments section. While negative comments also make you look real and it's a part of rising as well.

4. What details you will need if I buy some views from you?

Well we will just need your user name and video link. Your user name is needed to ensure the order and link to promote and forward it to the account holders for viewing.

5. Can your views make me famous?

Yes of course, most of the YouTube babies raised themselves by buying views. If we take example of Justin Bieber and other stars, these were the views that took them to top rankings and made them a star!

6. What are the benefits of buying YouTube views?

Your credibility will increase along with the views count and most of the people check views count before deciding to watch a video.

7. Do you offer discounts?

Yes unlike other services in the market, we are used to come up with special offers and discounts at different parts of the year.

8. Can I cancel my order?

That depends on the status of the case. It can be cancelled only if it has not been activated.

9. What if I have other questions to ask?

You can contact our customer services helpline anytime of the day!

#1: Fast Delivery

Speed is of essence to us. We take pride in boasting about our speedy services, leaving delighted customers and content on their faces. Trust us to knock your door with your order within 24 hours of placing it.

#2: Our Guarantee

We can guarantee because we believe in it. Whether you order the smallest available item or your cart is filled with numerous products, we strive to create happy customers, always. We provide money-back guarantee in cases of dissatisfaction.

#3: 24 Hour Support

Resolve any query with us, instantly. We are obliged to our customers and are available at their discretion 24*7 for any and every query raised by them.

#4: Secure Payment

Feel safe to transact with us. We are extremely transparent and ethical in our dealing. All the information entered by you will always be confidential. Our payments are processed through Paypal.com which is a globally recognized secure payment system.