Frequently asked questions



QAre the views, shares, comments, etc., authentic?

AYes! The views, likes, etc., you see on your YouTube page are from real people. These people have viewed the video link. We have developed an extensive network of affiliates, who carry out specific tasks set by us such as promoting your link or requesting their clients to promote it. They benefit from this service through our discounted price when they avail our services.


QHow can I verify whether my views are real?

AAlmost 99% of our views, likes, shares, and other services are genuine and reliable. All of them are approved and do not involve any bots or black-hat practices. When a client provides the video link for promotion, we send it to the appropriate persons, thereby receiving views in return that will influence the ranking and view count on YouTube. We ensure our views are genuine and will not in any way block your video or make the attention look doubtful.


QIs it possible to slow down the process?

AAbsolutely! For instance, if you need around 200,000 views not simultaneously but spread over a week or ten days, we can always make it happen. Actually, this will be of more value to you with a healthy amount of views seen every day.


QShould my video be of top quality to buy views?

ANot necessarily, your video should have an appealing image, sound, dance, content, etc. That helps to attract viewers to it and keep them entertained. If it is possible to make quality videos, you can certainly provide it, but it is not mandatory for the video to be of HD level. Even the normal quality video is acceptable.


QI am receiving mean comments for my video. Is this allowed? Can I prevent it from being posted?

AAs the views we provide are genuine, the comments you see for your video are the individual views of the viewer. If the viewer does not like your video, such comments are unavoidable. Since we do not request the password or other details of your account except the link to the video, we will be unable to remove the post. However, you can delete the comment and control the comments too. Remember that negative comments too add to your credibility and make it all the more genuine.


QWhat details should I provide to buy views?

AWe believe in respecting and safeguarding the privacy of our clients to the utmost level. You will just have to provide the video link and the username. The username is required to ascertain the order while the link is for promoting and forwarding it for the purpose of being viewed by account holders.


QWill my product become popular with your views?

ADefinitely! A majority of the celebrities online have done so by buying views. It is the views that gain an easy way to the top of YouTube rankings.


QCan I avail discounts on the packages?

AAlthough we offer the most competitive prices in the market, we provide discounts and deals during specific periods in a year.


QIf I want to cancel an order, can I do it anytime?

AThe cancellation depends on your specific case status. That said, cancellation is possible only when the order is not activated.


QWhere can I get my doubts resolved?

AOur customer service operates 24/7. You can get in touch with the helpline anytime.


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